Greetings from Chairman and Managing Director

I am grateful to Almighty Allah and, above all, to his Magnificence and Kindness for giving me the opportunity to be the Chairman of Paper21. In order to have a wide sight of the new world era we are engaged in, we should try to compare it with the preceding ones. It is about seven thousand years ago that human civilization began, some three million years after the Homo habits, and some 200 thousand years after the Homo sapiens rise. Most of the human thrives made during these million years are unknown to us because they just vanished away along the subsistence and emerge; we don’t surely even know if he counts for our truly older ancestor. What we know for usre is that human civilization began about seven thousand years ago.

During this passing of time admirable ancient civilizations have flourished and died the enigmatic and co0lossal Egypt the refulgent and harmonious Greece, the powerful and practical Roman Empire, the magnificent European Renaissance, all of them inheriting us precocious and paramount developments. Yet, it was just until the 19th Century when a formidable and multifaceted with technological development as its keystone.

Business development was not unknown for predecessor societies, of course. It’s only the way which was unknown of were different between the predecessor and the present generation but yet the business developments were continued in the courses of time. I always feel myself very lucky for being one of the largest distributor and agent of various types of fine paper and paper products. Paper21 Limited is always very concerned to maintain the quality along with the diversity types of paper products.